When people think of housework, they think of the boring daily chores of sweeping the floor, mopping the floor, cleaning the toilet and taking out the rubbish. But there is actually more to housework than you think. Will we doing manual housework in the future? Will robots be doing it for us? In order for us to fully delve into the future we need to look at the past of housework.
Middle Ages
Now you might think that doing this era of housework is crazy, but it is necessary to do so. In the middle ages the floor was made of ‘hard’ clay and the house was made of mud brick. This meant that less cleaning had to be done. All the person doing the housework had to do was a light sweep of the floor daily and once in a while a dusting. But if it rained, more work had to be done. In this age the woman was not the primary person doing the housework. A man or servant could do it too.
Industrial Revolution and 20th century
The industrial revolution meant that the men of the house went out to work more which just left the women at home. This meant they had to manage the house by themselves; more housework for them. The early forms of household inventions started to be produced soon after that time. The vacuum cleaner, washing machine and all of the gadgets that you use to clean or wash became increasingly popular in households to use. It made and still makes people's life drastically easier today which of course, is a big advantage and also a big disadvantage.
Modern 21st century (First Decade)
These days the refrigerator is the most used household appliance since that it is always never turned off. Since there is more work to do around the house people use robots to make chores easier. For example the washing machine before was to be two stones. People would bang the stones together, a piece of clothing in between. This would clean it but also wear out the clothes. Then along came the 'modern' day washing machine. The future still needs to be explored the future of housework!
Future (2011-????)
The future is clear in a way and opaque in another. This only depends on the perspective you look at things. From a overview of the topic, the clear side is that it is almost certain that future generations will be definitely using robots as a tool to do the future housework. The unclear side is that if they are going to hinder us or will they benefit us? There is no way to find out now. All we can do is have an educated guess on the future.