Post Title. 12/04/2010
Im finally done every thing I am so happy!
Post Title. 11/27/2010
Assignment due This coming week. I have Finished!!!!, evev despite my computer setback. This is great for me. Through my assignment i have researched a lot of skills in being independent and used them to my advantage I feel proud that I finished early :)
Post Title. 11/27/2010
Finally got the computer back. I think that I am becoming more curious and becoming open minded in many ways. This is a great advantage since that i can put in better quality work.
Post Title. 11/16/2010
I don't have the computer at home because we just moved. I am becoming more effective at time management since that I only have a little time to do anything on my assignment. It is really complicated and yeah, starting to fall behind. Im curious to see other people's assignment and how much better they are. I want to improve!!!

Post Title. 11/09/2010
Week 5 is here and its flying by. My websites is going well and I think I'm going fine. I'm working hard as usual and going great! Its kind of hard to keep on schedule though because I have three projects. But it is FUN!!
Post Title. 11/04/2010
I'm doing well during the fourth week. I'm adding more stuff to the website;getting really tough. Its a good challenge and a fun assignment as well!
Post Title. 10/31/2010
The third week went by really quickily! I am working really hard and starting to add in info. Really detailed info. I hope I am doing well...... 
Post Title. 10/25/2010
My second week went well. I am reasearching very hard and i am doing everything easily. Its great.
Post Title. 10/20/2010
Weebly is so easy to use! I like it it is simple.