Some parts of housework that you don't want to know....

These are some symptoms of housework if you do too much.

1.     Lower back problems

This symptom is one of the biggest offenders. It torments everyone and it is loathed by every mother, father, husband or wife. It literally tears your life apart. Apart from that it gives you a constant pain in the back. Nothing else, but it can mean a lot. People that have it can’t have the freedom to bend down freely without hurting themselves. The only temporary cure is to go and consult a chiropractor or go to the massage angels.


2.     Thigh cramps

The thigh takes a lot of damage when you do housework repeatedly. It and along with the lower back take all of the weight when you bend down and reach. This motion is most used when vacuuming the floor. When you have it, it hurts when you use your legs to walk jump or even stand. It also is soothed by going to the massage shop.


3.     Calf cramps

This is closely related to the thigh cramp but it is still different. You can get a calf cramp if you put heaps of pressure on it the kick or lash out suddenly. It hurts really badly and your muscle will become tense. But it will get better overtime if you don't stress out you calves. The massage shop is advisable. This is very common, especially if doing some chores that involve bending down. Your calf should support your weight and you should release the pressure on it slowly so it doesn't hurt it.

4. Muscle cramps
This one is also a big hit on many people. It is common, as your muscles take up all of your body as well as bones and skin. Muscle cramps are painful as well as annoying. Many a life has been affected by the pain of muscle cramps. it ruins people's brains, as the pain receptors work overtime to control the pain. Apart from that it provides a excuse for a day off from work. Only one day though. It heals over time.

These are some of the awful side effects that you can get by doing lots of housework in one go. You should do it regularly, in small portions though, to avoid damaging your body. Do it in small parts. Little by little makes a lot!