Who would think that robots are bad?!

This is a page about the advantages of robots. As far as I know everyone I have met would love a robot to do housework. People consider robots as convenient non tiring machines that do whatever you want them to do. Others think they are absolutely hopelessly bad and are only for the lazy people.

Some reasons why they are good is that they never tire out, they are convenient, they can do anything you want them to do and they come in all different sizes all suited to the jobs they do. Robots never tire out so they can do anything you want them to do for hours on end. This is very convenient because while you are away at work the robots could clean your house for you and cook your dinner. There is also an app on the I-phone where you can turn any electronic equipment on and off inside your house. ( you must be in a certain range though) This is good because after your robot finishes its work it can be turned off so it does not waste any unnecessary power.
Robots are tools to be used around the house to clean. They can do what ever you want them to do in a certain feild of programming. What this meane it thst you can only make a cooking robot cook , you can't make it to clean your toilet. This is the only thing that needs working on . In the future you can be sure that robots can do anything, and that is another advantage that can be put to use effectively.

Finally robots come in all different shapes and sizes. For example the vacuum cleaner can be bought in all shapes and sizes. You might like a small onr since it can save space and you have a lot of small spaces in your house and need a cleaner that can fi into the small spaces. The person next to you might like a big cleaner because their house is big and they need a cleaner that can clean quickily but with great quality. They might do the small spaces themselves. It is all what suits you best.

Robots are however, not human slaves and have no way of learning anything so they always do the same things the same way over and over again. This leads into my next topic discussed in this website: the disadvantages of robots.