AHHHH! Terminator!!

 When I asked my class mate if they disliked robots, they had a range of answers to de-morale robot lovers. Some answers include: "Stop being lazy" (Simon), "They are freaky" (Vickie), "Is the meals they cook healthy and it depends if the....."(James Hua's answer that went for a... lets just not mention it) and "But what if they burn the food? (By Sophie). The mixed reaction indicates a signal that they all hate robots and that they prefer their mothers to do the housework instead. Robots are loud and noisy, wastes power, destroys the earth indirectly and they cost more to keep than they are worth. Robots create noise when they work. For instance, the washing machine will be used as my example. Imagine sleeping near a thing that went vooooom vooooom all night. That would be annoying. You would be kept up all night and probably become a grumpy old hag or werewolf.

 Also robots have to have a power source and that wastes power and money. Even batteries waste money. The batteries damage the earth too. In a survey the surveyors found out that most batteries made their ways to landfills. Only a minority were recycled. Also batteries contain poisonous chemicals such as alkaline that can kill animals and humans.

Finally add all the costs up and wow! It is more than your very own brand new Honda robot.
Now are you sure that you want to buy a robot now?